Clean Refining & Clean Power Projects

MMEX Ultra Fuels Project

Pecos County, Texas Ultra Clean Fuels Refining

We have teamed with Polaris Engineering to develop a clean refining, 10,000 barrel per day facility at our Pecos County site to produce 87° gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and low-sulfur fuel oil, utilizing the Ultra Fuels concept. The Ultra Fuels concept features small size facilities to take advantage of proximity to smaller markets and/or locate directly near crude oil production ...
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Arroyo Cabral, Cordoba Province Argentina Solar Power Project.

Arroyo Cabral, Cordoba Province Argentina Solar Power Project

The Company along with its international partners have entered a [letter of intent] with EPEC, the local utility in Cordoba Province to build potentially the Arroyo Cabral 48 MWe solar park for local power demand following the Company’s development of a confidential information memorandum and pre-feasibility study for the project. The financing of the project is to be provided by ...
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Hydrogen Projects

MMEX Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina Gas Turbine Power Project

Pecos County, Texas – Green Hydrogen Project

This planned project will be a parallel plant in Pecos County, which plans to utilize the proprietary electrolyzer technology of a major international technology partner. The facility will utilize solar power, with water purification, to produce up to 50 tons of hydrogen production per day.
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Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina Gas Turbine Power Project.

Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina – Green Hydrogen Project

The Province of Tierra del Fuego and the Company announced the potential joint development of a green hydrogen project in the Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego area powered by wind energy. The Company has signed an MOU with Siemens Energy to adapt the Green H2 electrolyzer FEED Study completed for Pecos County to this Project. In addition, the Company has ...
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Hydrogen Global - Southern Coast of Peru-Green Hydrogen Project

Southern Coast of Peru – Green Hydrogen Project

The Company has entered an [MOU] with Peru’s principal electric power distribution company, Luz del Sur, committing to develop a Green Hydrogen project to produce up to 55 tons per day of hydrogen, requiring 160 MWe of constant and certified renewable power load. The Company will use its Siemens Energy Electrolyzer FEED template and adapt it for Peru.
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Hydrogen Global - Pecos County, Texas-Blue Hydrogen Project

Pecos County, Texas – Blue Hydrogen Project

The Company is in discussions with a super major oil company (the “Super Major”) to jointly develop a Blue Hydrogen project at the Company’s Pecos County, Texas site. The Project plans to utilize a portion of the Super Major’s 2 billion cubic feet per day natural gas production and transportation from the area to produce hydrogen utilizing a steam methane ...
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Trans Permian H2Hub Colors Branded Banner

Permian Basin, TransPermian Hydrogen Hub Project

The planned projects within the Trans Permian H2Hub include production and hydrogen derivatives from diverse feedstocks as well as mobility projects, including hydrogen fuel cell bus manufacturing, hydrogen re- fueling stations, municipal transit projects and freight mobility projects.
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