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MMEX Resources Corporation (“MMEX”) is a publicly held corporation, with its principal operating office in Texas. The business plan of MMEX focuses on the acquisition, development, and financing of oil, gas, refining, and electric power projects in Texas, Peru, and other countries in Latin America using the expertise of our principals to identify, finance and acquire these projects.

MMEX was formed in the United States in 2010 and has common management with Maple Resources Corporation (“Maple Resources”), which was formed in the United States in 1986. Maple Resources engaged in a number of oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures and ultimately acquired assets that included 10 gas processing plants and approximately 770 miles of natural gas gathering lines and transmission infrastructure. In 1992, Maple Resources sold substantially all of its U.S.-based assets and began to pursue energy projects in Latin America.

Our History

1986 - 1988

MMEX Resources affiliate, Maple Resources, completed nine acquisitions including transactions relating to oil and gas production interests and gas gathering, processing and transmission systems. In addition to these acquisitions, Maple Resources also acquired the following:

  • Two companies whose assets included ten gas processing plants with capacity of approximately 300 MMcfd as well as approximately 1,287 km of natural gas gathering and transmission infrastructure.
  • Following completion of these acquisitions, Maple Resources processed approximately 175 MMcfd of wellhead gas at its facilities and produced approximately 140 MMcfd of residue of natural gas and 15,600 bpd of natural gas liquids.


Maple Resources wins public tender from the Peruvian government consisting of 20 year concession to manage the Pucallpa refinery and two oil fields, Agua Caliente and Maquia, and to build a 175 MW gas to power green field project. This concession included operation of a refinery in Pucallpa, drilling of exploration acreage in block 31-E, and the development of a sugar cane to ethanol project on the Northern Coast of Peru.


Maple Resources finances, builds, and operates the $280 million Aguaytia Gas to Power project which includes:

  • 440 billion cubic feet of recoverable reserves.
  • 55 MMCFD natural gas processing plant
  • Natural gas liquids fractionation plant
  • Over 330 km of hydrocarbon pipelines
  • 175 MW gas fired power plant
  • 392 km of electrical transmission lines across the Andes to Peru North Central power grid


Maple Energy acquires 13,500 hectares of land in northern Peru (Piura region) to develop sugar cane to ethanol project and raises $254 million of financing.

  • Maple Energy plants 8,000 ha of land with cane and drip irrigation systems, builds water pumping systems, a 35 million gallon ethanol plant, 37 MW co-generation power plant.


Maple Energy, the Peru affiliated company, becomes a publicly listed company on the AIM (London) and the BVL (Lima) owning all of the Peru assets and raised total financing of $150 million on both the AIM and BVL.


Maple Resources with other equity partners acquires MMEX in a reverse merger to achieve a public listing for its operations.


Maples Resources acquires Maple Gas Peru and the Peru refinery operations with private equity partners.


Maple Resources sells its assets to its equity partners in Peru to focus on Texas oil, gas, and refining assets with an emphasis on developing a modular refinery in the Permian Basin.


MMEX entered into an agreement with Maple Resources to acquire all of Maple Resources West Texas including the land and the modular refining technology. MMEX continues developing its West Texas refinery project and focuses on negotiations to acquire an existing refinery on the Louisiana Gulf Coast.


MMEX announced its modified business plan moving MMEX to clean energy use and production. MMEX plans to contribute to the clean energy solution by providing solar power to produce hydrogen, and for the transition to the hydrogen economy by producing hydrogen along with ultra-low sulfur transportation fuels in the interim.


MMEX in discussions with financial partners to fund the clean fuels refinery project in the Permian Basin of West Texas. In addition, for its West Texas site, MMEX completes the engineering studies with its European Technology Partner, Siemens Energy, to construct the solar powered Green Hydrogen Project utilizing the Siemens electrolyzer technology. MMEX enters into discussions with major energy and electric power companies to develop a Blue Hydrogen Project utilizing renewable power for the conversion of natural gas to hydrogen. MMEX advances discussions with technology and local partners for Green Hydrogen Projects in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina; Peru; Chile; and Morocco.

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