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We focus on producing hydrogen & clean transport fuels. 

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Here is what we are doing

We are among the first movers in the nascent hydrogen industry with our

portfolio alone of over $2 Billion in projects in the Permian Basin of West Texas.

We are investing vast amounts of personal energy and working capital, creating

from whole cloth our contribution to reduce the carbon footprint of energy

production and consumption. Our projects will produce hydrogen from renewable

power, convert that hydrogen to a product that can be easily transported such as

ammonia, and, as needed, re-cracked back to hydrogen at the market’s last mile.

We also are addressing the continuing energy demand for legacy refined crude

oil products by building clean fuels refineries that capture over 95% of emissions

by producing refined products with solar power, carbon capture and newly-

patented process technology.

Here is what we are doing.

Green Hydrogen to Green Ammonia Project

This is a 160 MW renewable power project to provide 55 tons per day of Green

Hydrogen and to convert it to Green Ammonia, utilizing electrolyzers

manufactured by an international technology leader. In addition, the Green

Ammonia complex is developed by an international leader in ammonia

technology. We plan to produce 209,000 tons per year of Ammonia for export to

Europe through our relationship with the Port of Corpus Christi. We have plans

to double that production capability requiring doubling of the renewable power

component in a proposal to an international super major petroleum and chemical

company in Europe.

Blue Hydrogen to Power and Ammonia

This is our multi-phased project utilizing natural gas reformed to H2 designed to

produce low-carbon power by supplying H2 to H2-capable turbines with

optionality to produce ammonia or methanol. The natural gas will be supplied by

a super major petroleum company a short distance from the project site,

reformed in separated facilities to produce Hydrogen and CO2. The project is

designed to produce 424 tons per day of H2, with 99.9% of the CO2 captured

and sold via pipeline to another super major petroleum company. The unit

utilizes 50 MW of renewable power as input, reforming 61 million standard cubic

feet of natural gas, and producing up to 365 MW of low carbon intensity power

with optionality of producing up to 830,000 tons of Blue Ammonia by diverting

Hydrogen to Ammonia production.

Green Hydrogen to Green Direct Reduction Iron

We are in discussions with potential partners to reassemble an internationally

located DRI facility that has been idled and move it to our Permian Basin site.

This DRI facility plans to utilize our production of Green Hydrogen to fire the DRI

facility for production of Green DRI for shipment to U.S. steel production facilities.

Hydrogen Pipeline from the Permian Basin to the Port of Corpus Christi.

We are in discussions with potential partners to design and build a hydrogen

pipeline from our geographic areas covered by Trans Permian H2Hub. We

believe the pipeline access to hydrogen producers in the Permian Basin will be a

strategic advantage for domestic and exports of hydrogen and its byproducts.

Clean Fuels Refinery.

We are building a next-generation crude oil refinery that reduces emissions with

proven technologies. Today’s fossil fuel infrastructure can be powered by renewable

energy to significantly reduce emissions while improving energy efficiency.

We are bridging fossil fuel infrastructure with solar and wind power

and carbon capture. 

In partnership with Polaris Engineering we are creating a next generation crude oil refinery that reduces emissions with renewable energy and carbon capture.

Jack W. Hanks
President & CEO

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