Project 2: Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina Gas Turbine Power Project

Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina
Tierra del Fuego Province Argentina Gas Turbine Power Project

Project Overview

The Company has proposed with the Provincial Government of Tierra del Fuego (“Tierra del Fuego”) to supply two natural gas turbine packages with a rating of 12.9 MWe each with generator packages. The Company has a commercial and technical proposal with Siemens Energy, the manufacturer of these turbine and generators (the “Turbine Gen Sets”) for delivery to Tierra del Fuego. These turbine packages are designed to provide additional power in locations of Tierra del Fuego that have potential power shortages. The proposed financing of the project is to be supplied by Tierra del Fuego with a completion date of nine months from the notice to proceed. The Company will provide technical expertise along with that of Siemens Energy and Tierra del Fuego for instillation and conditioning of the Turbine Gen Sets designed with capability to switch over to 100% hydrogen fuel, as it potentially becomes available from the Company’s Green Hydrogen Project in Tierra del Fuego.

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