Pecos County, Texas – Blue Hydrogen Project

Pecos County, Texas
Hydrogen Global - Pecos County, Texas-Blue Hydrogen Project

Project Overview

The Company is in planning discussions with a super major oil company (the “Super Major”) to develop jointly a Blue Hydrogen project at the Company’s Pecos County, Texas site. The Project plans to utilize potentially a portion of the Super Major’s 2 billion cubic feet per day natural gas production and transportation from the area to produce hydrogen utilizing an autothermal reformer (“ATR”) technology. In turn, the hydrogen will be used in Siemens Energy turbines and generator sets to produce 265 MWe of electric power which are projected to utilize initially a 75% hydrogen-25% natural gas feed and moving to a 100% hydrogen feed, with the electric power to be marketed by the power commodity trading desk of the Super Major. Solar and wind power will be utilized in the ATR and under discussions with the renewable utility developing the Company’s other solar projects in the area. Completion of these projects is dependent upon our obtaining the necessary capital for planning, construction and start-up costs. There is no assurance that such financing can be obtained on favorable terms.

Project Presentation

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