Clean Fuels Refining

Arroyo Cabral, Cordoba Province Argentina Solar Power Project.

Project 2: Arroyo Cabral, Cordoba Province Argentina Solar Power Project

The Company along with its international partners have entered a [letter of intent] with EPEC, the local utility in Cordoba Province to build potentially the Arroyo Cabral 48 MWe solar park for local power demand following the Company’s development of a confidential information memorandum and pre-feasibility study for the project. The financing of the project is to be provided by the Company’s international partners and other third parties.

MMEX Ultra Fuels Project

Project 1: Pecos County, Texas Ultra Clean Fuels Refining

We have teamed with Polaris Engineering to develop a clean refining, 10,000 barrel per day facility at our Pecos County site to produce 87° gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and low-sulfur fuel oil, utilizing the Ultra Fuels concept. The Ultra Fuels concept features small size facilities to take advantage of proximity to smaller markets and/or locate directly near crude oil production areas.

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