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MMEX Green Hydrogen Project

Pecos County Green Hydrogen

This planned project will be a parallel plant in Pecos County, which plans to utilize the proprietary electrolyzer technology of a major international technology partner. The facility will utilize solar power, with water purification, to produce up to 50 tons of hydrogen production per day.

MMEX Blue Hydrogen Project

Pecos County Blue Hydrogen

We have teamed with Black Tree Group to develop a facility in Pecos County to produce hydrogen with carbon capture and storage employing steam methane reformer technology with the abundant natural gas supplies in the immediate area as the feedstock.

MMEX Ultra Fuels Project

Pecos County Ultra Fuel Clean Refining

We have teamed with Polaris Engineering to develop a clean refining, 10,000 barrel per day facility at our Pecos County site to produce 87° gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and low-sulfur fuel oil, utilizing the Ultra Fuels concept. The Ultra Fuels concept features small size facilities to take advantage of proximity to smaller markets and/or locate directly near crude oil production areas.

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